Wednesday, May 19, 2010

Suzie Smart, Timmy and Willie!

I wasn’t the kind of young girl who played with dolls.  One would find me more likely playing with worms.  I was never impressed with the collections my friends had, and I once traumatized my poor sister when I beheaded her Barbie.  The only doll I remember from my childhood wore a plaid school uniform, glasses and had a string on the back of her neck so when pulled she could say something smart. Weird!

So imagine my utter surprise when my 52 year old husband informs me we have to leave the house FOUR hours early to go to the Giants game! Why? To stand in line for a Bobble head doll.  He claims he’s saving them for our grandchildren.  Grandchildren!  Our daughter’s don’t even have boyfriends at this time.

The first time I agreed, I not so tactfully bailed out when the line stretched to parts of San Francisco I had never seen before.  See ya.  Into the stadium I went, book in hand, butt in seat while I happily waited for the game to begin, sensa doll.

That same game by some fluke in the ticket line, my husband got redirected and ended up with the much-coveted Tim Lincecum doll.  As he joined me in our seats, I made him hide it as I just couldn’t bear the look on all the little guys faces who didn’t get one.

This last Sunday, it was Willie Mays Bobble head day commemorating his famous back to the plate, over the head 54 World Series "catch"! My husband bribed me with breakfast out, a massage and any other “favor” he could think of.  Because he’s a nice guy and does a lot for our family, I agreed.  But for the life of me can’t understand the appeal of these dolls.

The morning went something like this:
            Leave house at 9am
            Drop me off to get in line by 10 am
            Stand in line.
            Do New York Times crossword puzzle (easy version)
            Shiver, blow on hands
            Give dirty look to the bald guy who tries to cut in front of us
            Glare at husband to not confront big bad bald guy
            Shiver, and blow on hands
            Begin walking to gate with other fans 11am (sweet relief)
            11:15 not one doll but two in hand
            11:16 hide dolls in bag
            Avoided all eye contact with children who didn’t get coveted doll

The rest of the day was lovely.  Breakfast followed by quite an exciting game.  Gave away extra doll on way home to a good friend who also likes bobbles.  That was nice. We certainly don’t need two.

That night while reading in bed, I glanced over and who do I see perched on the cabinet staring at me, head moving like it has tremors from Parkinson’s disease, Willie!  Creepy, but the image made me laugh.  Still don’t get it though.


  1. LOL! A friend of mine was also sentenced to standing in line for the Willie Mays Bobble Head - froze her butt off!

  2. Yeah, always dress for bone chilling cold in SF.