Tuesday, May 11, 2010

Mercury In Retrograde!

I can laugh at it now.

Mercury and I are not on good terms.  Apparently, this planet has been in “retrograde” for the last month.  And, when it’s in “retrograde”, it appears to move backwards.  When it appears to move backward, all hell breaks loose here on earth. I didn’t know that, but I’ll take any explanation for the spate of challenges these last few weeks, even if it means compromising my scientific reasoning.

The list of annoyances went something like this: daughter 1 drama, daughter 2 drama, husband drama, mother drama, drama, drama, drama.  And that means teacher, mother, wife, woman (me) running out of steam to “fix” anything and everything.  More drama.  

It was really very pathetic as I tried to negotiate my way through the maze of issues.  I pulled out all of my self-help stops, visualizing, praying, laughing at the absurdity of it all coming at once and then trying to convince myself that lessons were to be learned and personal growth was right around the corner.  Still waiting on that front.

That’s when out of the blue, I heard about this lovely hot planet wreaking havoc on our wholesome water planet.  Oh, that explains it! This little tidbit of information came to me from an unlikely source whose identity I will not divulge.  

The good news, starting today, Mercury is back on its orbital path.  And I’m on my way to a problem free couple of months.  Finally!  

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  1. I hope you have a problem free couple of months. I sorry its been so tough. Sometimes I feel like I am walking up hill with a boulder on my back.