Tuesday, October 13, 2009

A 24 Hour Visit!

The best part of my weekend was the walk.  It was her idea.  I hadn’t seen her in almost 2 months, 7 weeks longer than any other separation we had ever had.  It was worth the wait.

Our visit was easy, effortless as the conversation flowed from one topic to the next.  I was mostly listening, only occasionally interjecting a question or a comment.  What impressed me most was the ease at which she has made this transition.  I could tell that at times she is uncomfortable, but ok with that.  She expounded on her values, how she was raised and how grateful she is for her family.  Wow, to hear this and not wonder what the ulterior motive is was a first.

I soaked up every word because I knew the visit would be brief.  I heard about weather patterns, a child’s developing brain, World War II.  This is not the first daughter to enlighten me with her learning.  After the walk, dinner. I enjoyed preparing her favorite meal, pasta with fresh garden tomatoes. After dinner she had to study. Study?  Fantastic!  Just knowing she was tucked away in her bedroom reading delighted me. 

The next morning she was whisked off to the 49er game, her dad’s turn to enjoy her presence.  He too was intoxicated with happiness.  Not that we’ve been mourning the emptiness or change.  In fact, we’ve reveled in it.  Couldn’t be better in fact.  And here’s why, both our girls are happy.  They are productive.  They are independent.  And they are at the cusp of such potential. 

And so am I.

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  1. her sense of curiosity, adventure and overall internal and external beauty...sure she was born with it...but you and gary have nurtured it all along the way. i can feel how proud you are of her...and of yourself too!

    and i love the four words at the end...i can't wait to see more!