Thursday, August 19, 2010

Noisy Neighbors!

            I’m tired today.  After a 4-hour lengthy hike in high altitudes, I was looking forward to a good night sleep.  So was my husband. Not to sound like Debbie Downer, but sleep we did not get.  Waa.  Waa.

The air in Tahoe is wickedly thin.  So thin in fact, that a whisper can carry down the trail, through the pines and land on someone’s ears miles away.   We’re careful, so very careful to be aware of that. And anytime our voices reach a decibel that might be heard from more than 6 ft. away, one partner gives the other partner the signal to shush, too loud.

            Our neighbors up here do not employ the same set of rules.  Last night for hours they sat on their deck visiting, loudly, late into the night.  We tried to ignore it.  We put pillows over our heads.  We put on the sound of soft music. We considered shutting the window, except it was warm up here. 

            At one point around midnight, I could hear our neighbors talking about another couple.  I tried not to listen, but admittedly was intrigued with the infidelities of our neighbors friends, thinking, wow do people really do that? Shame on me for listening. That was about the time when one of us, trying desperately to drift into a blissful, restful slumber, had enough.  Guess who?

            No, not me, but papa bear stormed to the window and loudly implored “WOULD YOU LOWER YOUR VOICES? PLEASE?”

            As incredibly tired and frustrated as I was, I just couldn’t take it any longer.  I buried my head in my pillow and laughed.  Fatigue will do that. The look on his face, the sound of his voice, the absurdity of it all was funny.  Not sure if my husband thought I was laughing or crying while the bed was lightly shaking.  He was so tired, he didn’t even ask.  Bless him for that.

            What do most people do in situations like this?  Is it socially acceptable to say something?  Is it more mature to ignore and hope it doesn’t happen again?  I need advice here.  Anybody, please!

            The loud talking continued for about another hour, probably until the wine ran out.  Perhaps they didn’t hear the request from 40 yards away?  Or, most likely decided to ignore it.

            I’m all for people having fun.  I love conversation.  Partying and enjoying the company of others is fine.  But, please, just a little civility and attention to the needs of others would be so very much appreciated. 

            As I walked by their deck this morning on my way to run the dog, there my neighbors sat, happily drinking coffee, smiling away, their little mutt barking at us through the deck posts.  I considered saying something clever.  I thought perhaps I should implore them to lower their voices in the future. 

            But after a pleasant good morning salutation from these chatty partiers, I just couldn’t do it.  I nodded, smiled and silently chuckled, as I knew more than I cared to about these people. Let’s see what happens tonight.

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  1. Here is how I am handling mine..and sadly for us they never chat about anything interesting...

    To Whom it May Concern:

    I am your neighbor that leaves in behind you at 7732 Devonwood Ave. I have spoke to you in the past regarding noise generated from your home. I have specifically spoke to your son in the past about his music practice, barking dogs and the church services being held on your property. We worked out the problem with the music to everyone’s satisfaction and I had no further issues with him. The church services stopped on Sundays or were much quieter if they continued for many years. The barking dogs however, although better at times, have continued to this day. I feel like there is a problem. I understand that everyone is entitled to have animals, however the continual barking, screeching and whining, especially in the middle of the night continues to be unacceptable. My husband and I have been woken up continually this summer by your dogs. I have two additional complaints: Tuesday night church gatherings in your back yard and regular gatherings of people conversing and laughing very late into the night. On many occasions this summer my husband and I have been unable to have our bedroom doors open due to late night visiting in your backyard and or barking dogs. By late night visiting, I mean, after 10 P.M. and until after midnight or longer. Again, I understand that social gatherings take place, however, there are noise curfews in place to guard against public nuisances and to allow people the ability to enjoy a peaceful evening in their own home and or sleep. Perhaps you are not aware of how loud or how far your voices carry. I can’t imagine that you do not hear your own dogs. Finally, the issue of the Tuesday night religious gatherings. Last Tuesday night on August 14, the loud noises sounded like domestic abuse, not like people who were praising god. While it is not my business just how you pray or worship, again your noise level indicates that perhaps you might consider taking your services to another location that is deemed appropriate for such gatherings. While I have no issue-praising god myself, I do not choose to be apart of your services or gatherings and because of the noise level you choose to engage in, I am a part of your services every time you choose to have them. This is no longer acceptable to me. I have taken the first step to try to solve this problem. If you would like to discuss these issues further, please walk over and talk to us or send a written reply in the mail. There are laws in the city of Stanton, which I have included. If you would like to read them from the city of Stanton web site, they are filed under municipal code violations. If you choose to ignore my requests, then I am ready to file a formal complaint for all three violations.