Thursday, July 8, 2010

A 4 Day Visit From Two!

My children.
They come home. 
How much I love them. 
How they drain me.  As how it should be. 
How they energize me.  Always a miracle. 
How I can still after all these years vividly see their sweet, cherubic faces in my minds forever imprinted memory. 
I inhale these babies, even now, it’s hard to resist. 
My hand reaches for the back of their necks, soft, holding up a head that needs me no longer to support it. 
I instinctively reach for them, in sleep, in wakefulness, in an insatiable need to nurture these young adult women. 
They leave. 
Back to a place without me. 
I bless them. 
Pray for them.
Know I am with them.
Be safe.
Come back.

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