Saturday, January 16, 2010

Hot and Cold!

I am my own compact and complete cooling and heating system.  It works better than the antiquated thermostat in our house. My body has this amazing ability to heat up and cool down randomly.  And it is a skill that only came on recently.  In the middle of the night it hits, temperature escalates to well over 98.6 degrees.  Toasty warm.  As the temp continues to rise, blankets get tangled up in a twisted mess below my lower legs. Pajama bottoms come off. Husband and dog sleeps peacefully near by. 

Miraculously, as beads of sweat collect on my exposed skin, air conditioning begins to cool this temple of mine, just a little too well.  I begin to shiver.  Where did I throw those pajama bottoms?  Never mind, untangle blankets and cover up.  Husband and dog sleep peacefully near by.

Heat up, sweat, cool down, repeat.  That’s the cycle until the break of dawn when the alarm annoyingly threatens to go off. 

I now understand what my comrades have been whining about. 

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